Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our to do list before we move.

We keep talking about all these things we want to do before we move. This weekend while we were hiking through the Ape Caves (one of the things on our list) we realized that our move is approximately eight months away and we need to write these things down and start checking them off. Here is our list in no particular order:

Ape Caves-done with my sister and her hubby, Kathleen, Mom, Chris (Maya's friend). We also hiked around the lava field, crossed the suspension bridge and the wood bridge. Another blog to come on this.

Seattle Symphony
Day in Seattle
Seattle aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo
Ride the Sounder to Seattle
(this will probably require a couple of trips to Seattle)

Vancouver for a hockey game

Cape Flattery

Visit a Washington Winery

Family Beach Cabin/ Oswald West

Camp Muir hike



Go fishing and catch something

Spend one night on the island, visit the winery on the island and take pictures of the bridge

This is where our list is at right now. Yesterday we were able to accomplish two more items off our list. This list may grow as the months continue but for now it is a starting point to get us motivated. On some of my days off it is hard to get going with goals in mind it should help. Part of this list came from during the winter we went hiking all the time. During the Summer I felt like we didn't get out and do very much at all.