Monday, July 16, 2012

A terrible work week

This was a really hard week of being nurse. It was filled with sadness, thankless, crazy, busy, and sick patients.
In my new job I have not had many of those weeks, weeks like this in my last job burned me out, and made me question being a nurse. That was a terrible feeling questioning the career I love and know I am meant to do. I do not like having weeks like this, it causes me to come home bitchy, it takes all of my energy and stresses me out. I already feel like I am more emotionally liable working night shift, weeks like this make it so I can't control my emotions.
Sometimes it is so hard to go the extra mile when patients won't take care of his or her self. It is hard to run my ass off all night to in turn hear, that we are not doing enough.  The plus side I am done with school so I was able to sleep most of the day and not be worried about assignments or discussion questions.
I work with an amazing team, working with them helps ease all that we dealt with this week but we were all spent and so ready for our days off.

 I wrote this awhile ago and never posted.

Burn Camp

A couple of months ago I received an email that was gut wrenching. If you are my Facebook friend, which I think are the only people who read my blog are, you know that Burn Camp was cancelled.

The foundation that my burn camp was associated with got a new director and she is an evil corrupt person. I can not speak to this woman's motives, intentions. I can  hope for kharma to work its magic.

A group of people who have been involved with burn camp for many years came together and started  working to save burn camp. They started the Eyabsut Family Burn Foundation. These people are so incredible most are former counselors and camp directors. I can not express enough thanks to those who have worked so hard.
They have been successful and camp is on.  The fundraising goal was $80,000 and over $100,000 has been raised, this money ensures camp this year and that camp will continue on in the future years. If you are able to help is the website.  This is one of the most amazing places in the world. I can never express the wonderfulness of burn camp. I have been a camper, counselor in training, junior counselor, counselor, cabin leader and now nurse. This year I will be in a new role, I will be the camp nurse. I am excited and looking forward to this role. I am hoping to make connections with lots of the campers. I hope to make the connections will all of the campers.
I hope it is not lonely, I love the goodnight time of camp and am a little sad to be missing out on that part.
I work three nights this week and will head to Washington sometime on Friday. I may sleep all day Friday pack my car and head to Washington early on Saturday morning at like three or four am. Camp is a long week and I do not want to start out my week behind on sleep.
I am very excited about this year and can not wait for Eyabsut 2012.