Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nurse Hands

My trip home from Las Vegas via Seattle had me seated next to a very pretty 20 something girl. She and her team were travelling to Zootown for business.  As I was sitting next to this girl I couldn't help but notice her beautiful, perfectly manicured hands. In fact I was embarrassed and wanted to hide my hands. I try to keep my hands cared for. I used to and occasionally still do bite my nails however it is something I have really been working on. However even if I polish, file, and  moisturize my hands will never look like that. I use such thick lotion, the lotion I use for my burned skin on my hands. I have even used the barrier cream aka butt paste on my hands to no relief. I wash in and out of each room, or hand sanitize. If I am walking down the hallway I push the hand sanitizer. I was feeling so self conscious and embarrassed about my hands only a couple of days later I saw this on Facebook.
This summed it up and made me feel so much better about myself and my coworkers hands.