Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Growing Up Continued

I forgot the many types of nurse I want to be. I have always loved pediatrics. I wanted to work in pediatric intensive care unit, I used to work in a pediatric hospital and I loved it. There was this one patient who had whooping cough who if he did not have good parents I would have totally adopted him.  I also love ICU, my final quarter of nursing school was in the St. Francis ICU.  I also love the cath lab. I got to watch a few procedures and think how the heart can be fixed is seriously amazing.  Next the ER,the variety is awesome. Working as a ER Tech in a medium sized ER definitely peaked my interest. Another job I wanted to do is work in the N.I.C.U. that has sort of fallen off my radar because I am totally petrified of  really sick babies. One of my best friends did her final nursing rotation in the NICU and came to love it. I worked in the nursery of my hospital for two shifts and spend some time in OB to become more familiar with this department as it is definitely my weakest department. I have worked some in the ER and I love it.
See my dilemma continues.