Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to the Island for the grape harvest.

This past weekend  (a couple of weeks now, I started this and never finished) was the grape harvest at the island. Jason's aunt and uncle own a cabin which is undergoing a total makeover. The cabin is on Stretch Island in Grapeview.  Unfortunately I worked on Friday night and Jason worked on Saturday morning and so we didn't make it out in time for most of the harvest however we got to see some of it. What I saw I loved and I want to be there next year for it all! Jason was given a part of his aunt and uncle's grapes, You can really see how the grapes that haven't been neglected are doing so well. We are hoping that in the next couple of years all of the grapes at the cabin will thrive. Part of why I am enchanted with cabin is it reminds me of the beach cabin. They bought it with the hopes that everyone would come out and enjoy and have a place to relax. Which is what I think about the beach cabin.
Jason and I got to the island as they were doing the last harvest, the residents all gather and go collect the grapes from everyone's vineyards. I can't remember the people's names but I am so envious of a) the garden b) the outdoor kitchen and c) their backyard.

The outdoor kitchen reminds me of Jayme and her family who have cabins and the BullShed @ Lake Mayfield.
 This picture was just perfect I thought. This was the last bunch of grapes from 2010.
The garden is huge they have everything. Jason's aunt and uncle end up with baskets of veggies throughout the summer and fall. I am so excited to have a garden.

The backyard was one of my favorite things, what you can't see is the Mt. Rainier across the water, an area with the bbqs and tables, exercise equipment, amazing windows, sitting area. nice big yard to play in.
I got to watch the men using the press, and got to taste the juice as it came from the press it was awesome.

I can't wait until the next time we go back.