Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to the Island for the grape harvest.

This past weekend  (a couple of weeks now, I started this and never finished) was the grape harvest at the island. Jason's aunt and uncle own a cabin which is undergoing a total makeover. The cabin is on Stretch Island in Grapeview.  Unfortunately I worked on Friday night and Jason worked on Saturday morning and so we didn't make it out in time for most of the harvest however we got to see some of it. What I saw I loved and I want to be there next year for it all! Jason was given a part of his aunt and uncle's grapes, You can really see how the grapes that haven't been neglected are doing so well. We are hoping that in the next couple of years all of the grapes at the cabin will thrive. Part of why I am enchanted with cabin is it reminds me of the beach cabin. They bought it with the hopes that everyone would come out and enjoy and have a place to relax. Which is what I think about the beach cabin.
Jason and I got to the island as they were doing the last harvest, the residents all gather and go collect the grapes from everyone's vineyards. I can't remember the people's names but I am so envious of a) the garden b) the outdoor kitchen and c) their backyard.

The outdoor kitchen reminds me of Jayme and her family who have cabins and the BullShed @ Lake Mayfield.
 This picture was just perfect I thought. This was the last bunch of grapes from 2010.
The garden is huge they have everything. Jason's aunt and uncle end up with baskets of veggies throughout the summer and fall. I am so excited to have a garden.

The backyard was one of my favorite things, what you can't see is the Mt. Rainier across the water, an area with the bbqs and tables, exercise equipment, amazing windows, sitting area. nice big yard to play in.
I got to watch the men using the press, and got to taste the juice as it came from the press it was awesome.

I can't wait until the next time we go back.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My latest adventure... working out.

Last year I signed up for LA Fitness, and got a personal trainer. I think I went maybe four times.. I've been paying for training all this time. Yu-Gi-Oh just didn't do it for me. He was obsessed with my arm size discrepancy and made me feel really uncomfortable. I just didn't feel it. Also I went to night shift and from there my working out went to hell. During the spring and winter Jason and I were hiking and sometimes running the trail near the apartment, not consistent enough. A good thing is Jason and I have really worked on our diet, and although cardio wise I am out of shape I didn't gain to much weight because of the diet changes we have made.

About two weeks ago I decided enough was enough and it was time to get serious to get back to pre-nursing school weight and fitness level. I decided that at least three times a week I will go to the gym after work. I also decided to use my personal training that I have saved up. I am currently working out with Brittini two times a week and trying to do cardio before my sessions and a couple of other times a week. I like Brittini, she was about 40 pounds overweight and pre diabetic, one of my being over weight fears, she also seems to understand that because of my burn I don't have full range of motion, she pushes me like I need to be pushed.. I am sore but feeling good. One really good thing about working out after work is that I am sleeping better because I am so tired.

Some of my sessions I am disgusted with myself because of how weak I am other times I am starting to see a little difference. I will keep updating on the changes that are happening.
Yesterday for cardio I did Spin class. I forgot how bad spin hurts my butt. It was a good workout and I am looking forward to going again.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a couple of adventures

A couple of weeks ago Jason and I went canoeing on Lake Tanwax.We explored a little back part and then headed out onto the lake. It was really fun. the weather was almost perfect not hot, not to cold, we were bundled up just to be safe. There were a couple of fishermen didn't seem like they were catching to many fish. There were lots of lilly pads blooming. Lots of cool cabins and docks in the back canal we explored. While we went out in the main lake I was looking at so many of the cool houses.

A good part of the day was while I was having to use the brick sh!t house Jason started talking to these two men who were leaving the lake. The elder gentlemen was really interested in the canoe and was telling Jason that he used to canoe. I bet he had a lot of good stories to tell. I always like when we connect with people while we are out adventuring

We also took Aries with us in the canoe. He did a really good job only moved around a couple of times making me think he was going to flip us.

Jason likes to use kayak paddles he feels that he has better control I wasn't sure about this since I grew up using a paddle in the end it turned out nice.

The worst part was we ate like crap before canoeing and we both could totally feel it, we were dragging and felt like we were mucking through sludge. Since we have really been trying to improve our diets we feel when we eat like crap and that day really was one of those days. Given I am out of shape but still I noticed what a huge difference eating healthy makes.

After canoeing we went to Silver Lake in Spanaway and tried to fish, it was a very unsuccessful day although I learned how to cast when fly fishing. We headed in knowing we wouldn't catch much as it was the middle of the day and there were no fish jumping. It was still fun to be out with Jason and work on casting so one of these days I can catch a fish. I have a lot of fishermen and women in family and hope to be able to live up to their legacy.

A couple of weeks ago we baked lamb chops with this vegetable medly. It has zucchini, green peppers, acorn squash , yellow squash. This turned out really good and made me look forward to fall to be able to cook with more squash.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shout Out to Appliance Distributors

So I am in process of writing my latest adventure blog but in the meantime I need to give a shout out to Appliance Distributors in Tukwila. I am really trying to be better about passing on the positives. Some companies do a really good job and unfortunately don't always get the credit they deserve. We originally bought our washer and dryer used from them I was really happy originally with their service and prices.  About ten days ago I did a load of bleach water because the washer smelled kind of bleh. I heard a clunk and thought nothing of it. When I went to put the next load of clothes in I realized the agitator was completely off the spindle  (I believe it is technically called the cam.) It turns out the bolt had worked its way out I tried and tried to push twist shove force the agitator back on but it was to no avail.

I had called Appliance Distributors to ask for help. I ended up talking to TJ who I dealt with when we purchased the washer and dryer I brought along the agitator and he thought we had a totally different problem. He took his time to show us how it should slip back on which ours wasn't. We had asked about how much a new agitator was and were worried about the cost. TJ ended up trading us an agitator for free. He had said if that one didnt work let him know and he would send someone out for a service call. Luckily when we got home it slipped right on. I am so grateful to have our washer back in working order it is amazing how quickly the laundry piles up.
So if you are in the area and in the market... Appliance Distributors in Tukwila off International Blvd. Just past the light rail station near the airport definitely check them out.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our to do list before we move.

We keep talking about all these things we want to do before we move. This weekend while we were hiking through the Ape Caves (one of the things on our list) we realized that our move is approximately eight months away and we need to write these things down and start checking them off. Here is our list in no particular order:

Ape Caves-done with my sister and her hubby, Kathleen, Mom, Chris (Maya's friend). We also hiked around the lava field, crossed the suspension bridge and the wood bridge. Another blog to come on this.

Seattle Symphony
Day in Seattle
Seattle aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo
Ride the Sounder to Seattle
(this will probably require a couple of trips to Seattle)

Vancouver for a hockey game

Cape Flattery

Visit a Washington Winery

Family Beach Cabin/ Oswald West

Camp Muir hike



Go fishing and catch something

Spend one night on the island, visit the winery on the island and take pictures of the bridge

This is where our list is at right now. Yesterday we were able to accomplish two more items off our list. This list may grow as the months continue but for now it is a starting point to get us motivated. On some of my days off it is hard to get going with goals in mind it should help. Part of this list came from during the winter we went hiking all the time. During the Summer I felt like we didn't get out and do very much at all.