Thursday, September 23, 2010

a couple of adventures

A couple of weeks ago Jason and I went canoeing on Lake Tanwax.We explored a little back part and then headed out onto the lake. It was really fun. the weather was almost perfect not hot, not to cold, we were bundled up just to be safe. There were a couple of fishermen didn't seem like they were catching to many fish. There were lots of lilly pads blooming. Lots of cool cabins and docks in the back canal we explored. While we went out in the main lake I was looking at so many of the cool houses.

A good part of the day was while I was having to use the brick sh!t house Jason started talking to these two men who were leaving the lake. The elder gentlemen was really interested in the canoe and was telling Jason that he used to canoe. I bet he had a lot of good stories to tell. I always like when we connect with people while we are out adventuring

We also took Aries with us in the canoe. He did a really good job only moved around a couple of times making me think he was going to flip us.

Jason likes to use kayak paddles he feels that he has better control I wasn't sure about this since I grew up using a paddle in the end it turned out nice.

The worst part was we ate like crap before canoeing and we both could totally feel it, we were dragging and felt like we were mucking through sludge. Since we have really been trying to improve our diets we feel when we eat like crap and that day really was one of those days. Given I am out of shape but still I noticed what a huge difference eating healthy makes.

After canoeing we went to Silver Lake in Spanaway and tried to fish, it was a very unsuccessful day although I learned how to cast when fly fishing. We headed in knowing we wouldn't catch much as it was the middle of the day and there were no fish jumping. It was still fun to be out with Jason and work on casting so one of these days I can catch a fish. I have a lot of fishermen and women in family and hope to be able to live up to their legacy.

A couple of weeks ago we baked lamb chops with this vegetable medly. It has zucchini, green peppers, acorn squash , yellow squash. This turned out really good and made me look forward to fall to be able to cook with more squash.

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