Thursday, January 13, 2011


 Late late and a little bit later. We had so much fun when it snowed... The first morning I woke up Jason and made him get up and play with me in the snow. I don't think he was thrilled that it was early and we were up but sometimes you just gotta get up and play! This is one of the branches in our driveway and our light post.
Aries is getting old but he still had a lot of fun out in the snow. Junior was the funniest I have ever seen him. He was the epitome of a kid a in a candy store. Both of the dogs would burrow their faces in the snow and end up with SNOW FACES!!


The worst part of this was I was called into work on Monday night.  I was so happy thatto drive me. Our normally very short drive took over an hour. Going to work we had to drive down one big hill that was a disaster zone cars in all directions, cars high centered on the median. King County made a big deal out of their snow plan, it ended up that Pierce County's snow plan was to close roads if you live on a hill. Jason also took his Grandma home, on his way home he realized that all of the roads to our house were closed.

We've had snow a few more times, nothing like the first time. I
wish it did. The other day Jason and I went outside of Wilkenson  in attempt to take pictures of Mt. Rainier, we never got those pictures but we definitely got some cool pictures of the snow. The dogs were in heaven and so was Jason getting to drive Red in the snow.

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  1. Beautiful pics Mic!!! And burrr! That snow makes me cold just looking at it!!!

    I don't know why I haven't been keeping up with your blog!! So sorry!! I'll have to stalkaratzi your bloggy blog like you did mine!! =)