Saturday, December 17, 2011

Zip lining in White Fish!

One of the girls at work was talking about wanting to go zip lining up at Big Mountain, in White Fish. I heard about this and thought it would be really cool. I looked at the website and found out about zip lining. It was off-season and in fact the last weekend of the season to go. I made a reservation and was so excited. I picked the six zip line tour. On Saturday morning we dropped the dogs off at Molly's and headed up north. The drive around Flathead Lake was really nice. White Fish reminds us of Leavenworth.

The first zip line was short just long enough to practice the positions, I really don't remember the second zip, to get to third we had to ride the chair lift which made Jason very nervous. We hiked about a quarter mile up to the number three which was the longest and highest. I loved it. Number four was right by number three it was also high and long! I loved the rush and wish we could have stopped to take pictures while on the line. Five and six were short and fast but really fun. I can't wait until my friends come over and I can do it again.

I have always loved the sensation of flying, whether it was swinging as hi as  I could go at the creek, or doing all kinds of flips on the bars in at the Rose Valley playground, or even diving. Ziplining gave me the flying sensation.

I have pictures I will come back and attach these.

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