Monday, July 16, 2012

A terrible work week

This was a really hard week of being nurse. It was filled with sadness, thankless, crazy, busy, and sick patients.
In my new job I have not had many of those weeks, weeks like this in my last job burned me out, and made me question being a nurse. That was a terrible feeling questioning the career I love and know I am meant to do. I do not like having weeks like this, it causes me to come home bitchy, it takes all of my energy and stresses me out. I already feel like I am more emotionally liable working night shift, weeks like this make it so I can't control my emotions.
Sometimes it is so hard to go the extra mile when patients won't take care of his or her self. It is hard to run my ass off all night to in turn hear, that we are not doing enough.  The plus side I am done with school so I was able to sleep most of the day and not be worried about assignments or discussion questions.
I work with an amazing team, working with them helps ease all that we dealt with this week but we were all spent and so ready for our days off.

 I wrote this awhile ago and never posted.

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