Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday Christmas Trip

The second week of January Jason and I headed to Washington to visit our families. We did spend more time with my family because it was the week before my birthday and Jason's mom and grandma had been here for Christmas.

It was so nice to see my family and a few friends. The first day my Mom and I did a little last minute shopping, and we ended up having Christmas at mom and Nels. I was very lucky in that I got to spend some quality time Will. He is a really funny although serious boy. While we were eating dinner he bit me he has some good strong teeth. Jason and I got Will this fun dinosaur toy that bounces balls and out and plays music he and I had a really fun time. We went to Maya and Greg's for breakfast and it was fun to see Will in his house with all his toys, I fed him pancakes and I couldn't believe how much the little nine month old ate. I also loved spending time with my sis. I was kinda bummed around Christmas because I really missed Moo.
I met Jess in Woodland and headed to where she was planning on having the wedding. It was so good to spend time with Jess. Her stepmom's family owns a beautiful ranch in Washougal Washington along the Columbia River Gorge. She stayed the night with me at my mom's house. We went to Dad's for breakfast and then up to see Skye! It was good to see her. I need new tires on my Jeep and couldn't make it up Zillig. We ended up walking up to her house. Skye is doing good! We also went and visited my aunt Vicki and uncle Sandy. It was nice to see them. We spent a day up with Grandparents with Maya and Will.  Will loves Granny and Grandpa.
There was a snow storm brewing and boy did we not know what were in for. We headed to Puyallup for our last day. I got to meet Jason's grandparents and their significant others (on his Dad's side), it was nice to finally meet them. We went to dinner with his Mom and saw his Grandma before heading over to see the Aaron and Robyn.I was so happy to get to see another of my best friends Robyn and I know Jason was happy to see his bff Aaron. They recently bought a very nice house.
The snow is up to my bumper, the back was covered solid, and it is up over my boots.
The whole time we were in Washington my sleep cycle was really messed up, I would be so tired early and wide awake in the middle of the night that was weird.
It was nice to catch up with Robyn. When we arrived to our friends house there was probably six inches of snow, and when we woke up there was a lot more snow. We decided to head on home. I was so disappointed and couldn't believe the fact that Washington is terrible about doing anything about the roads. We left Tacoma and  headed north on I-5, it was not plowed at all nor was I-405, and really I-90 for that matter. The top of the pass was blowing from the snow off the lake. Eastern Washington was a little better, Idaho much better, the pass in Montana was ok. We ended up taking the shorter highway that was not plowed at all, it was a little hairy. We eventually arrived home to at least a foot of snow.

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