Friday, February 24, 2012

Jess came to visit.

One week ago Jason and I headed to Missoula to pick up Jess. She flies standby and I had been waiting all day for her to come. We forgot it was Mid-Winter break, and it was President's day so lots of travelers. She arrived and I was so happy. I remember living with Jess and the apartment being roughly 85 degrees. I prepped her and gave her fair warning, our house is chilly, I have the electric blanket on the couch. I turned the heater on in her room and had the electric blanket ready.
On Saturday we went to Wal-Mart, it was ghetto, but fun to get out of the freaking house and be able to get a few things. On Thursday my work gave me a walker (more to come on this ) it is one of those that you can sit on. I can go backwards really well. Wal-Mart was fun because who doesn't have fun with one of their bffs.
Our goal was to work on wedding projects. We worked on the string chandeliers, our first ones sucked, we realized we needed a lot more yarn. I will post a separate blog so people can see what it is really like and provide some of the resources I found for this if any one is curious.
It was so nice to watch tv, chit chat, do a craft, visit, fb, etc. I miss girl time.
On Sunday we decided that we would make ourselves do homework and then go see "The Vow".  Homework took all day but alas we had time to hit the movies. "The Vow" was good. I thought it was a really sad movie, more so when I saw the ending. During the movie I also got sad because I was taking her back to the airport in the morning, no coffee dates, trips to Ross have to wait. I hope she will be back soon!
 She was smart and hit the airport first thing in the morning but can I say puke to getting up at 0345... I am really looking forward to our next visit. Thank you so much Jess for everything ! I love you!

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