Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today for the first time in 7 weeks I drove Ruby. I am not ready to drive all of the time, but it was so nice to get behind the wheel of my vehicle. If am driving I will be giving ample following room, I practiced slamming the brakes I can do it, but it does make me nervous. By the end of the less than five mile drive I could feel it in my leg.
Things that are unfortunate there is something wrong with my Jeep the pedals aren't moving, the windows won't go down, it says the driver door is not closed. Really lame and pisses me off. I tried to find a cure online it didn't work. We are waiting  for some paperwork from Washington for Jason's Jeep, until that comes I am not sure I want to take it to the shop because we will be essentially without a vehicle.
We spent the afternoon at Molly's we sat in the sun on the deck, watched the dogs play and visited. I loved getting some sun on my legs and face. I love how the sun can warm you like nothing else. It was in the low 60's when the sun went behind the cloud it was chilly. The dogs were having a hay day. I pet the horses. It felt like Spring. Earlier this week I was telling Jason how excited I was for being at Molly's and drinking her sweet sun tea.
I think being back at work has helped, most days it has been a little bit to cold to be outside but since I have broken my leg I definitely have cabin fever! I can't believe just how refreshed I feel from getting a couple of hours of fresh air has made me feel.
This week I was cleared to walk with crutches, I can apply 25 pounds of pressure increasing 25 pounds a week. The first day I could not even apply 25 pound, as the week progressed I have been able to apply more. It has been nice, I do not like walking with my walker I don't feel like I can control my weight as well as I can on crutches. I still have been using my walker at work, two blocks of using crutches is a long ways. My hospital is two blocks long. Being able to put some weight on my foot has made taking a shower so much nicer. I got good news about healing, it is happening,  I have six more weeks of sedentary work and we will see what happens at my next appointment.

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